Meridian Hill Park

The Place: Meridian Hill Park

Why live here: Because it’s a huge, gorgeous park with incredible history in the middle of some of the most interesting neighborhoods in DC. On any given day, you can find people lounging, picnicking, zip lining, walking their dogs, exercising, or specifically on Sundays, taking part in the always fun and energetic Sunday drum circle.

Things to know: Meridian Hill Park, known as Malcolm X Park by many residents, has a long and rich history.  President John Quincy Adams lived in a mansion on the site and it was once an army encampment for Civil War troops; it was also the site of political rallies in the late 60’s (hence the nickname), before it fell into major decay. Today, the park has been resurrected into a well-known green space in The District.

Meridian Hill Park is the home of a statue of Joan of Arc, the only statue to feature a woman on a horse in the city. According to Wikipedia, “The sword she originally held in her right hand was stolen in 1978, and not replaced until December 2011″ but I’ve got news for you, it’s been stolen a bunch of times, as recently as 2016 when I lived across the street.  According to a hilarious Washingtonian article I found, the almost five feet long and 30 pound sword has been stolen somewhere between 12 and 15 times since the statue went up in 1922. As of the day of this posting, the sword is back.

Also, and I find this the most interesting fact, Meridian Hill Park is home to the largest cascading fountain in all of North America.


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