The Uptown

The Place: The Uptown Theater

Why live here: Because you love movies and appreciate a gorgeous Art Deco theater with history as opposed to a chaotic mall-style multiplex. Nobody will tell you that The Uptown has the most comfortable seats or that there’s an incredible selection of food and beverages inside, but it has the character of a place built in the 30’s: balcony seating, lush interior, and bright marquee lighting at its entrance.  And it’s surrounded by restaurants both casual and upscale — perfect for dinner and a movie.

Things to know: The Uptown will turn 83 years old this fall and therefore is rich in history and fun facts:  It was one of the first 32 theaters in the world to get Star Wars on its day-of release on May 25, 1977 and the world premieres of 2001: A Space Odyssey,  Juarassic Park and Dances with Wolves happened here. During the Dances with Wolves premiere, the projector broke down. Twice. (Oops!)

Last year, AMC, the current owners of The Uptown, wanted to remove the giant Uptown sign on the theater but residents and historians protested the proposed change and AMC agreed to to maintain the current signage.


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