The Place: Artechouse

Where: 12th and D Streets SW

Why Live Near Here: You love art, creativity, and technology and/or you’re a crazy instagrammer who’s constantly looking for cool and engaging backdrops for your dope photos.

Things to Know: It’s been profiled in major news publications, online sites, and all over social media. It’s been called the “museum of the future”. It pushes artistic boundaries.  And it has supposedly saved a couple’s marriage.

Artechouse opened in June of 2017 and has been a huge hit with both DC residents and visitors. It has hosted an array of shows so far including an immersive dinner and several seasonally themed ones.

D.C. is the hometown of both Managing and Creative Directors, and they thought DC needed a space and outlet like Artechouse especially after the Corcoran closed a few years back. They would like to open spaces like this around the globe, and next on their list: Miami. It opens this month.

Spaces on the Market:

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