Dacha Beer Garden

The Place: Dacha Beer Garden

Where: 7th and O Streets NW

Why Live Near Here: Dacha started off as a small corner beer garden with some picnic tables and porta-potties and has since morphed into a bustling beer garden, cafe, and loft event space over the years. There’s something incredible about being able to stop off at a casual and fun outdoor watering hole on your way home from work and not needing to go out of the way, so for those of you who like drinking al fresco throughout the year, living near Dacha is for you.

Fun Things to Know: 

  • What does Dacha Mean? According to a Wikipedia, ‘dacha’ is a seasonal or year-round second home, often located in the exurbs of Russian and other post-Soviet countries.  Being that the owners are of Russian descent, this makes sense!
  • Why Liz Taylor on their wall? Dacha’s website addresses this because they probably get this question all of the time.  Here’s what they have to say: “We wanted to create something iconic. Liz Taylor was an easy choice. An iconic figure herself, through her work with and support of Whitman Walker Clinic during the 1980s AIDS epidemic, she was instrumental in saving lives of those who lived in Shaw and elsewhere in our city. The mural was a tribute.”

Spaces on the Market:

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