About Places & Spaces DC

Full disclosure: I wanted to name my blog Live Near Cool Shit (FTR that domain name is available so have at it).  In fear of turning some people off, though, I opted for a slightly more subtle name.

In 2009, I chose to buy a place based in large part on its proximity to the places I liked, which got me thinking — isn’t location a driving force for most of us when searching for a new space? And with that, Places and Spaces DC was born. Instead of focusing on the typical questions (ie price point, desired housing style, or layout), I’m interested in the places that make you tick, the ones that make you feel at home. Every week, I’ll highlight a few of my favorite DC places — along with some interesting and unknown facts — and then show you what spaces are on the market within a few blocks.

Maybe you’re new to DC and want to know what’s cool (and why). Maybe you’re looking to buy and care about living near things that don’t suck. Maybe you just like to see which places a weirdo like me thinks are cool.  Any way you slice it, I’m happy to have you here!