Idle Time Books

The Place: Idle Time Books

Where: 18th Street NW just south of Columbia Road NW

Why Live Near Here: Exposed brick, mismatched chairs, thriving house plants: This is Idle Time Books.

Small local bookstores, especially ones like this, are a rare and wonderful thing these days seeing as though ALL bookstores seem to be going instinct thanks to the digital age we’re living in. Yet Idle Time stays standing and is a delight for people who relish shops that remain true to themselves and remind us of the old Adams Morgan that many of us so fondly remember.

Angelika Pop-Up

The Place: Angelika Pop-Up

Where: 550 Penn Street NE

Why Live Near Here: Guys, if you haven’t been outside yet today, know that it’s cold AF out there.  And seeing as though Places and Spaces talks about cool places in DC that you want to live near, today’s pick couldn’t be more appropriately chosen.  There’s not a lot you can do outside when you feel like your face is going to shatter into a million pieces, but a tried-and-true escape is the movies.  So if you’re not as into high grossing blockbusters as you are into independent and foreign films, prefer Pop Art Popcorn, Jeni’s ice cream and craft beer & wine to standard theater fare, and appreciate creative programming and special deals, then Angelika Pop-Up in the H Street NE/NoMa area is someplace you may want to consider living close to. Your not-so-frozen face will thank you.

Kennedy Center

The Place: Kennedy Center

Where: Between Rock Creek Parkway, 25th Street NW, and F Street NW

Why Live Near Here: You’re a lover of the arts who leans more towards the classics (opera, ballet, plays, etc), you want to live near the water and take advantage of a gorgeous Potomac outlook that’s always open to the public, and not dealing with parking every time you go there sounds like your version of heaven.

The Anthem

Thanksgiving Day Post! A Place I’m thankful for:

The Place: The Anthem

Where: 9th Street and Maine Avenue SWs

Why Live Near Here: You’re a lover of live music but maybe you’ve outgrown the college radio phase of your life and only really know the bands who play larger-scale venues.  Second to that, you’re someone who enjoys living in a neighborhood that has recently undergone an epic Joan Rivers-level facelift.

The Uptown

The Place: The Uptown Theater

Why live here: Because you love movies and appreciate a gorgeous Art Deco theater with history as opposed to a chaotic mall-style multiplex. Nobody will tell you that The Uptown has the most comfortable seats or that there’s an incredible selection of food and beverages inside, but it has the character of a place built in the 30’s: balcony seating, lush interior, and bright marquee lighting at its entrance.  And it’s surrounded by restaurants both casual and upscale — perfect for dinner and a movie.

The 9:30 Club

The Place: The 9:30 Club

Why live here: Because it’s The @#$^%! 9:30 Club! It’s THE BEST. Hell, it’s the impetus for this blog.

The 9:30 Club, consistently ranked as one of the best small music venues in the U.S., hosts some of the most incredible musical acts around. It opened its doors at 815 V Street NW in 1996 after 15 years at its original location at 930 F Street NW. Since then, it has helped the 9th & U Street area (sometimes referred to as 9th & Awesome by some of my DC friends) boom and flourish into the bustling area it has become. So, if you love seeing live music and want to pop over at the drop of a hat, living nearby would be fantastic.