Baked & Wired

The Place: Baked & Wired

Where: Thomas Jefferson and M Streets NW

Why Live Near Here: Maybe it’s because I’m going into hibernation mode as it gets colder outside, but this is the second food-related Place I’ve featured this week and sorry I’m not sorry.  Personally, I’m not sure I’d ever live in Georgetown because it’s not my speed, but you know what?  I’d let that go because I’d kill to live next to or close to Baked & Wired: this place is the tits.

If you had said, “Alison, try the vegan oreo cupcake – you’ll love it!” a few years ago, the child of the best baker in the U.S. and a total addict of all things sugar + butter, I would have probably laughed at you.  But DAMN IF THAT CUPCAKE IS NOT ABSOLUTE INSANITY!

My opinion aside, Baked & Wired is consistently voted Best Bakery in DC in Washingtonian magazine, and unless you’re one of those freaks who don’t like sweets, duh, of course you want to live near it. This area in general is where you live if you want tons and tons of restaurants and retail, proximity to Virginia and the Potomac River, and is tucked away without the threat of a Metro “ruining” your neighborhood.

Florida Avenue Grill

The Place: Florida Avenue Grill

Where: 11th Street NW and Florida Avenue NW

Why Live Near Here:  Imagine waking up every day (or maybe just every weekend for you health conscious eaters) and being able to quickly pop into and eat at the restaurant Tasting Table claimed is D.C.’s Best Classic Diner in 2017. You’re a no frills kind of person and while you love your U Street hometown area, maybe you fondly remember a former version of the neighborhood that quickly became one of the busiest areas to live and play.

Rosedale Conservancy

The Place: Rosedale Conservancy

Where: Cleveland Park: Newark and 35th Streets NW

Why Live Here: There are the obvious reasons, such as the fact that you have a dog who much prefers an open green area to a small DC dog park, or that perhaps you just want some of that natural splendor for yourself. But maybe you want to live around there because you are a person who enjoys visiting places that are referred to in novels and you remember how No Way to Treat a First Lady, the novel by Christopher Buckley which is said to satirize the Monica Lewinsky scandal featured The Rosedale Conservancy.

Glenwood Cemetery

The Place: Glenwood Cemetery

Where: Eckington, surrounded by N. Capital Street NW, LincolnRoad NE & Franklin Street NE

Why Live Here: Because you’re a taphophile, enjoy graving, or maybe are just creepy AF. But really, living near a cemetery doesn’t have to leave one feeling creeped out and instead may give one an opportunity to routinely enjoy some peace, quiet, and reflective time.

Crispus Attucks Park

The Place: Crispus Attucks Park

Where: Bloomindale, surrounded by N. Capital, U, 1st, and V Streets NW.

Why Live Here: The premise of this site is that you want to live near places that you love, and sometimes I know that’s a stretch, but this Place is the real deal. Crispus Attucks Park is a perfect little spot of land that truly feels like a hidden green oasis off of one of the major north to south thoroughfares in the city. Neighbors can mingle at various events and movie nights or while resting on benches, picnicking, or walking their dogs. What’s not to love?!

Key Bridge Boat House

The Place: Key Bridge Boathouse (formerly Jack’s Boathouse)

Why Live Here: You love the water and being on it or near it regularly is something that gets you into total zen mode. There are a bunch of boat houses scattered around the waterfront areas of DC, but this one has the spectacular backdrop of the Key Bridge before you even launch into the Potomac, and honestly, it’s a view that never gets boring.

The Uptown

The Place: The Uptown Theater

Why live here: Because you love movies and appreciate a gorgeous Art Deco theater with history as opposed to a chaotic mall-style multiplex. Nobody will tell you that The Uptown has the most comfortable seats or that there’s an incredible selection of food and beverages inside, but it has the character of a place built in the 30’s: balcony seating, lush interior, and bright marquee lighting at its entrance.  And it’s surrounded by restaurants both casual and upscale — perfect for dinner and a movie.