National Zoo

The Place: The National Zoo

Where: 3001 Connecticut Avenue

Why Live Near Here: You’re likely an animal lover who instead of focusing on the fact that the Zoo houses animals in captivity focuses on and appreciates the Zoo’s efforts and commitments in conservation, eduction, and research. According to their website, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute cares for about 1,800 animals representing 300 species. SCBI scientists study and breed more than 20 species at their headquarters, including those that were once extinct in the wild, like black-footed ferrets and scimitar-horned oryx. Its major research initiatives are organized into six science centers: Conservation Ecology, Conservation and Sustainability, Conservation Genomics, Migratory Birds, and Species Survival. Other initiatives include the Global Tiger Initiative, Virginia Working Landscapes, and the Global Health Program. Their work doesn’t stop at the gates of SCBI. Approximately 250 SCBI scientists and students collaborate with colleagues in more than 25 countries.

Rosedale Conservancy

The Place: Rosedale Conservancy

Where: Cleveland Park: Newark and 35th Streets NW

Why Live Here: There are the obvious reasons, such as the fact that you have a dog who much prefers an open green area to a small DC dog park, or that perhaps you just want some of that natural splendor for yourself. But maybe you want to live around there because you are a person who enjoys visiting places that are referred to in novels and you remember how No Way to Treat a First Lady, the novel by Christopher Buckley which is said to satirize the Monica Lewinsky scandal featured The Rosedale Conservancy.

The Uptown

The Place: The Uptown Theater

Why live here: Because you love movies and appreciate a gorgeous Art Deco theater with history as opposed to a chaotic mall-style multiplex. Nobody will tell you that The Uptown has the most comfortable seats or that there’s an incredible selection of food and beverages inside, but it has the character of a place built in the 30’s: balcony seating, lush interior, and bright marquee lighting at its entrance.  And it’s surrounded by restaurants both casual and upscale — perfect for dinner and a movie.