Union Market

The Place: Union Market

Why live here: Because the thought of being able to shop and eat in DC’s largest local and artisanal food market whenever you want makes your heart go pitter-patter. You’re likely a foodie, chef, entrepreneur, or a big supporter of local business.

Union Market has dubbed itself “the epicenter of culinary creativity in DC” and I can’t really disagree. You can find pretty much anything here from fresh fruits and vegetables to a local butcher to a gourmet spice shop. If that wasn’t good enough, Union Market has a few tasty full-service restaurants, lots of small-scale speciality eateries, and fun events every month.

Things to know: Known artists such as Mr. Brainwash and Yoko Ono have added murals to the exterior of the market making it one of the most instagrammed buildings in The District. Situated close to Gallaudet University, several food vendors have hired deaf employees, and some of their hearing employees can sign and take your order in American Sign Language. The market was designed with deaf-friendly features including well-lit and open spaces that facilitate visual communication and wider pathways that make it easier to talk and walk.


Spaces on the market nearby:

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