Blagden Alley

The Place: Blagden Alley

Why live here: Do you love art? Specifically, street art?  If so, this is the place for you. One of the most recognizable murals in DC, LOVE, a colorful piece conceptualized and painted by local muralist Lisa Marie, resides here.  But that’s not the only mural there — you can find a variety of others by notable artists including Kelly Towles, Rozeal Brown, Aniekan Udofia, and Rose Jaffe.

*Please note that this post is focusing solely on the art in Blagden Alley.  Another post on its restaurants is forthcoming!

Things to know:  Beginning in 2015, a series of works were commissioned by artists with a history in the Shaw neighborhood and in Blagden Alley — they created an incredible display of new works painted directly on the garage doors of several buildings in Bladgen Alley. These artworks were made possible with a D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Public Art Building Community grant program and with the support of Blagden Alley neighbors that supply the canvas for these incredible murals. It has been dubbed The DC Alley Museum.

Lisa Marie is my pal of mine and filled me on some little known info about her Love mural: none other than Kween Lady Gaga visited and posed in front of the Love mural when she was in town for her 2017 tour date. I mentioned this to the other half of my real estate team and found out that a friend and client of The Fowler Group was the person who brought her there (and who she stayed with during her trip!)

Spaces on the market nearby:

Fun anecdotes: I briefly worked for/with Kelly Towles 5 years ago when he was really starting to blow up.  Unfortunately our schedules were not jiving well, so that didn’t last long, but I loved and still love his art so much that I took my first ever Realtor headshot in front of his Blagden Alley piece.

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