Glenwood Cemetery

The Place: Glenwood Cemetery

Where: Eckington, surrounded by N. Capital Street NW, LincolnRoad NE & Franklin Street NE

Why Live Here: Because you’re a taphophile, enjoy graving, or maybe are just creepy AF. But really, living near a cemetery doesn’t have to leave one feeling creeped out and instead may give one an opportunity to routinely enjoy some peace, quiet, and reflective time.

Things to Know: In 1852, the Council of the City of Washington in the District of Columbia passed a local ordinance that barred the creation of new cemeteries anywhere within Georgetown or the area bounded by Boundary Street (northwest and northeast), 15th Street (east), East Capitol Street, the Anacostia River, the Potomac River, and Rock Creek. It was that year that Glenwood Cemetery was established.

In addition to the slew of people involved with various facets of American history, a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist who worked for the Washington Star and the Washington Post, Clifford Kennedy Berryman, is buried in here.  His cartoons often lampooned presidents, including Theodore Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman. Despite this, he still received praise from Truman, who described him as “ageless and timeless.” His illustrations can still be found at the Library of Congress, the National Archives, and George Washington University.

According to the National Register of Historic Places registration form, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Glenwood Cemetery was known as one of the “big five” cemeteries in Washington, D.C.  It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2017 and is known for its many elaborate Victorian and Art Nouveau funerary monuments.

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