The Wharf

The Place: The Wharf

Where: Maine Avenue between 7th and 12th Streets SW

Why Live Near Here: It would be hard to find someone who DOESN’T want to live near some nice, calm waters, if we’re being honest (and especially on a day like today). Those who want to live near DC’s SW Waterfront want to live in an area with a storied past and can take in the views whenever they want & can (hopefully) avoid the crowds, but also need to be ready to share it with lots and lots of visitors who come in on nice days to get their dose of fun in the sun.

Things to Know: It was first mapped out by Captain John Smith in 1608, and as an area where two bodies of water come together and thus an easy access in and out of the city, the Southwest Waterfront was poised for much development and commercial action, from military bases to plantations and markets.  In 1802, the Washington City Canal was built as a planned industrial thoroughfare which connected Tiber Creek, at the western foot of the National Mall, with the Anacostia River. The canal finally opened in 1815 but was too shallow and was subject to unstable tides and quickly filled with trash and stagnant water and ended up isolating Southwest from the rest of the city. Because of this, the SW Waterfront neighborhood became known as The Island.

Spaces on the Market:

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