National Portrait Gallery

The Place: The National Portrait Gallery

Where: 8th and F Streets NW

Why Live Near Here: One of the great perks of living in DC is the fact that we have all but one of the free, always open (except Christmas Day and when the government is shut down) Smithsonian museums at our fingertips.  The person who wants to live near this gorgeous Greek Revival building is a fan of  everything from traditional masterpieces to modern art, and maybe has a thing for presidential portraits.

Jose Andres-land

 The Place: Jose Andres-land

What the fuck am I talking about?  What is Jose Andres-land, anyway? It’s the area downtown that has 6 different Jose Andres restaurants (Oyamel, China Chilcano, Barmini & Minibar, Zaytinya, and Jaleo, ). I named it that.

Why live here? You’re likely living under a rock if you live in DC and don’t know who Jose Andres is.  He’s been dubbed “the best hometown hero” by Washingtonian magazine and has a heart that matches his cooking skill — incredible. So, maybe you like eating amazing food, maybe you like supporting good people with solid intentions, and maybe this allows you to do both while getting some variety in your diet.