Angelika Pop-Up

The Place: Angelika Pop-Up

Where: 550 Penn Street NE

Why Live Near Here: Guys, if you haven’t been outside yet today, know that it’s cold AF out there.  And seeing as though Places and Spaces talks about cool places in DC that you want to live near, today’s pick couldn’t be more appropriately chosen.  There’s not a lot you can do outside when you feel like your face is going to shatter into a million pieces, but a tried-and-true escape is the movies.  So if you’re not as into high grossing blockbusters as you are into independent and foreign films, prefer Pop Art Popcorn, Jeni’s ice cream and craft beer & wine to standard theater fare, and appreciate creative programming and special deals, then Angelika Pop-Up in the H Street NE/NoMa area is someplace you may want to consider living close to. Your not-so-frozen face will thank you.

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

The Place: Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Where: 400 Michigan Avenue NE

Why Live Near Here: You don’t necessarily care that this is one of the 10 largest churches in the world, but want to live near this towering beauty that holds an incredible number of art pieces, mosaics, and sculptures that you can take in for free any day of the week.

Red Hen

The Place: Red Hen

Where: Rhode Island Avenue and 1st Streets NW

Why Live Near Here: It’s the first full week of January and yesterday we had snow flurries.  Lots of us just want to stay inside in hibernate, but second to that, we’ll venture out for warm and velvety pasta. Y’all, if you haven’t ever been to Red Hen, RUN, don’t walk, because their food is the tits!  Imagine easily walking over for a warm and tasty bucatini dish, a couple of glasses of cabernet, maybe a chocolate mousse dessert, and then rolling yourself home within 5 minutes.  Guess what – that’s what I do.  This is Places and Spaces DC’s Editor’s new hood, and this is what I do at least once a week. So, if you’re like me and want to live near a kick-ass restaurant with pleasant neighborhood-type ambiance, a friendly staff that makes you happy to either sit at the bar alone or dine with a group, and most importantly, a delicious and thoughtful menu full of so many insane options that you need to keep coming back to try them all.

National Zoo

The Place: The National Zoo

Where: 3001 Connecticut Avenue

Why Live Near Here: You’re likely an animal lover who instead of focusing on the fact that the Zoo houses animals in captivity focuses on and appreciates the Zoo’s efforts and commitments in conservation, eduction, and research. According to their website, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute cares for about 1,800 animals representing 300 species. SCBI scientists study and breed more than 20 species at their headquarters, including those that were once extinct in the wild, like black-footed ferrets and scimitar-horned oryx. Its major research initiatives are organized into six science centers: Conservation Ecology, Conservation and Sustainability, Conservation Genomics, Migratory Birds, and Species Survival. Other initiatives include the Global Tiger Initiative, Virginia Working Landscapes, and the Global Health Program. Their work doesn’t stop at the gates of SCBI. Approximately 250 SCBI scientists and students collaborate with colleagues in more than 25 countries.


The Place: Solly’s

Where: 11th and U Streets NW

Why Live Near Here: This past August, Prince of Petworth announced that Solly’s was the BEST real bar in D.C. Period. And honestly, we couldn’t agree more. Solly’s has been in the U Street hood since 2006 and has been true to itself from the beginning – it’s a simple bar that doesn’t try to compete with some of the more trendy spots that have opened since it first came on the scene.  So you want to live around here if you want to be able to pop over to your favorite local no frills watering hole… especially if you’re a Ohio State Buckeyes or Miami Dolphins fan.

Union Station

The Place: Union Station

Where: In the middle of North Capital Street, H Street NE, 2nd Street NE, and Mass Ave

Why Live Near Here: In the 1980’s it was called an “embarrassment to the nation, to the federal government, and to Washington, D.C.” but now that it’s been restored to it’s former glory, you’re in. You’re most likely a sucker for classic architecture and commute in and out of DC a lot, probably to Philly or NYC.

Kennedy Center

The Place: Kennedy Center

Where: Between Rock Creek Parkway, 25th Street NW, and F Street NW

Why Live Near Here: You’re a lover of the arts who leans more towards the classics (opera, ballet, plays, etc), you want to live near the water and take advantage of a gorgeous Potomac outlook that’s always open to the public, and not dealing with parking every time you go there sounds like your version of heaven.

Dupont Farmers Market

The Place: Dupont Circle Farmers Market

Where: 20th Street and Massachusetts Avenue NW

Why Live Near Here: You are a human being who eats food and maybe you have a tiny little garden plot or grow some herbs in your window, but you can’t and don’t raise all of the sustenance your body needs. Not only do you not grow and raise your own food because of time and space limitations, but also because that shit is hard! So, living within a quick walk to this all-year farmers market would definitely be a treat especially for those of you who cook and appreciate fresh local goods.

According to The Washington Post, there are a total of 204 farmers markets in the DC Metro area, and this one wasn’t chosen because it is the best, but because it is the one I’m most familiar with, enjoy, and have frequented the longest (fear not, others will be featured in the future!)

The Anthem

Thanksgiving Day Post! A Place I’m thankful for:

The Place: The Anthem

Where: 9th Street and Maine Avenue SWs

Why Live Near Here: You’re a lover of live music but maybe you’ve outgrown the college radio phase of your life and only really know the bands who play larger-scale venues.  Second to that, you’re someone who enjoys living in a neighborhood that has recently undergone an epic Joan Rivers-level facelift.