Dacha Beer Garden

The Place: Dacha Beer Garden

Where: 7th and O Streets NW

Why Live Near Here: Dacha started off as a small corner beer garden with some picnic tables and porta-potties and has since morphed into a bustling beer garden, cafe, and loft event space over the years. There’s something incredible about being able to stop off at a casual and fun outdoor watering hole on your way home from work and not needing to go out of the way, so for those of you who like drinking al fresco throughout the year, living near Dacha is for you.

Ben’s Chili Bowl

The Place: Ben’s Chili Bowl

Where: 12th and U Streets NW

Why Live Near Here: The person who wants to live near this DC landmark is likely a person who can stay up past 10pm and likes being in the thick of things in one of the District’s craziest bar scenes… and probably who enjoys a late night greasy spoon on the nights you’ve had a drink or two too many.


The Place: Solly’s

Where: 11th and U Streets NW

Why Live Near Here: This past August, Prince of Petworth announced that Solly’s was the BEST real bar in D.C. Period. And honestly, we couldn’t agree more. Solly’s has been in the U Street hood since 2006 and has been true to itself from the beginning – it’s a simple bar that doesn’t try to compete with some of the more trendy spots that have opened since it first came on the scene.  So you want to live around here if you want to be able to pop over to your favorite local no frills watering hole… especially if you’re a Ohio State Buckeyes or Miami Dolphins fan.

Florida Avenue Grill

The Place: Florida Avenue Grill

Where: 11th Street NW and Florida Avenue NW

Why Live Near Here:  Imagine waking up every day (or maybe just every weekend for you health conscious eaters) and being able to quickly pop into and eat at the restaurant Tasting Table claimed is D.C.’s Best Classic Diner in 2017. You’re a no frills kind of person and while you love your U Street hometown area, maybe you fondly remember a former version of the neighborhood that quickly became one of the busiest areas to live and play.

The 9:30 Club

The Place: The 9:30 Club

Why live here: Because it’s The @#$^%! 9:30 Club! It’s THE BEST. Hell, it’s the impetus for this blog.

The 9:30 Club, consistently ranked as one of the best small music venues in the U.S., hosts some of the most incredible musical acts around. It opened its doors at 815 V Street NW in 1996 after 15 years at its original location at 930 F Street NW. Since then, it has helped the 9th & U Street area (sometimes referred to as 9th & Awesome by some of my DC friends) boom and flourish into the bustling area it has become. So, if you love seeing live music and want to pop over at the drop of a hat, living nearby would be fantastic.

Blagden Alley

The Place: Blagden Alley

Why live here: Do you love art? Specifically, street art?  If so, this is the place for you. One of the most recognizable murals in DC, LOVE, a colorful piece conceptualized and painted by local muralist Lisa Marie, resides here.  But that’s not the only mural there — you can find a variety of others by notable artists including Kelly Towles, Rozeal Brown, Aniekan Udofia, and Rose Jaffe.

*Please note that this post is focusing solely on the art in Blagden Alley.  Another post on its restaurants is forthcoming!